Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Random Stuff About Cancer And Such

In addition to the side effects I listed on the last blog, I may have forgotten to mention that my toenail fell off. Just fell the fuck off. No reason, no trauma to the toe. It just decided to quit a bitch and just fell off. Luckily it is my "ring finger" toenail so not too noticeable, but really?!?!?! What the hell else is going to fall off?
And the horrible metallic taste in my mouth is really getting old!

Also, cancer is expensive. Not going to get too much into that but my hospital bill for 2 days was $135,000. Every chemo treatment is around 4 grand. Luckily I have insurance but what do people do who don't have insurance?!?!

On a happier note, I was informed of a service called Cleaning For A Reason. When you are undergoing chemotherapy, some cleaning companies will clean your home for free. You just go to their website ( and sign up. Your doctor sends them a note verifying that you are undergoing chemo treatment. If possible, they match you with a cleaning service in your area and they will clean your home once a month for four months while you are in treatment. I was approved and Bari from Sparkle Clean in Palm Bay came to see me today. She was so kind. She told me she does it because she has lost family members to cancer and it makes her feel good to help those of us fighting for our lives.  I was so touched that these people are willing to give their time to help me that I started crying. Damn chemo brain!
Of course, all of my friends have offered to help me clean, cook, shop, whatever....but I am not good at asking friends for help. I have gotten a lot better since being diagnosed with cancer, though. But the thing is, when I actually have energy the last thing I want to do is clean my house. And when my friends come visit, I want to spend time laughing and having fun, not cleaning my house. So, a great big thank you to Cleaning For A Reason and Sparkle Clean.

And now, I share with you a before/after photo. These pictures were shot exactly a year apart, wearing the same shirt...before masectomy and after.

Big difference! Well, huge reallly! Hahahaha! I had 8 pounds of breast tissue removed. Yes, 8 pounds! No wonder I never really ran too fast when I played softball.
Here is another before/after:

My silver lining is that I now have small perky boobs and I don't need to wear a bra.
This is just a funny shirt:

The thing about cancer sucks! And I have really shitty days. But mostly I have good days. My days are good because I am alive. My dad died of cancer in 1993. My mom died of cancer in 2010. When I was diagnosed, I made the decision to survive. I would be the only person in my family to beat cancer. I decided to make cancer my bitch!


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